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Scores on the device is updated Windows 10 Mobile. Machine you have the list?

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Recently, the German technology site has posted a list of Lumia devices is updated to version Windows 10 Mobile, including low-price, mid-range to high end is "to life" all.
From the list below could see Microsoft not abandoned the low-price, budget earlier generation like Lumia 430, 435, 535, 635, 640, until the mid-range and high-end XL 640, 735, 830 and 1520. Particularly three Lumia 950, 950 and 550 XL preinstalled Windows 10 Mobile sales. Besides, not only the device of the Microsoft / Nokia are updated platform, but most of the other foreign brands, including Vietnam (Q-Mobile, Q-Smart) have also received news this could not be happier.

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