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Last week (13-19 / 12) tinnhanh nothing hot? Lumia 850 spotted, Galaxy A5 / A7 is priced in Vietnam ...

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Last week item fast 24/7 had plenty of interesting information, all Lumia 850 Lumia 650 beautifully exposed images, the Galaxy configuration A9 with attractive, large capacity battery appears. Most notably, the duo Galaxy A5 / A7 2015 leak in Vietnam's price.

1. Galaxy line A9 highway, before 8MP camera, batteries up to 4.000mAh
Galaxy A9 has suddenly appeared on many parameters with 'leader' in all current Samsung phones. I would like to mention the points leader before, that is the battery capacity of up to up to 4.000mAh and 8MP camera before. I feel Samsung is 'annoyed' with several firms and companies are emerging and want to remind that 'Do not play with fire'.

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2. Many photos Lumia 850 metal rim, ultra-thin
If you compare the beauty Lumia 850 seems better this time Lumia 950 seniors in crisis, by machine into the metal frame and super thin design eye-catching, looks a lot more impressive. And now, more photos to prove it.

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3. The performance score of 820 Snapdragon really ... Stun
Few days ago, had information about 130 points surpassed AnTuTu thousand points, a figure 'truly incredible'. By comparison, it almost doubled compared with 7420 Exynos scores currently available on the Galaxy Note 5. Note 5 how strong line, then you already know, but also to double its Snapdragon 820, whether it will become 'monster' reasonable?

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A5 and A7 4. Galaxy second generation price in Vietnam route
Quote information from a representative price of the phone system with voice retail in Vietnam, will distribute Samsung Galaxy A5 version 8,990,000 VND in 2016 with prices and Galaxy A7 for $ 10.99 million VND. Compared to the 2015 version, the price of the Galaxy A5 (2016) no change, Galaxy A7 expensive than 1 million compared with the previous year. But when compared with prices in the Chinese market, both 2 are higher, higher A5 500 thousand remaining $ 1.5 million higher A7.

5. Microsoft published a list of old smartphone will be on Windows 10 Mobile
On 18/12 he had shared information about Microsoft has delayed Windows 10 Mobile update for older devices in December and apparently it has no answer. Accordingly, yesterday (19/12) on the home page of Microsoft has published an .XML file which clearly recommended a series of old smartphone will be up forever and Windows 10 Mobile.

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