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Lumia 650 and Lumia 850 appeared in a photo

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After Lumia 650 smartphone cheap revealed a lot of information, pictures, the recent turn midrange phones Lumia 850 also leaks attractive design, super thin.
Today on technology uploaded photos Lumia 850 is positioned next to the Lumia 650. Lumia 650 is clearly the 5 inch HD display while the 850 recorded 5.5 inch Full HD. In particular, the upper right corner of the 850 seems more retinal scanners Iris, exactly as predicted earlier.
In addition, this site also posted a few pictures on the Lumia 850 is placed in the bumper, however, is somewhat sad face behind his back as well as the edges are not revealed. The source, image leaked earlier said the Lumia 850 will have a metal rim edge eye-catching colors and ultra thin. So many people commented that it would be one of the most beautiful Lumia current form.
If the image comparison is true, then we see that the Lumia 850 has a much larger screen than 5 inches of Lumia 650, it seems that it must be up to 5.7 inches wide rather than 5.5 inch. It is not clear when the new Lumia 850 launch? There will probably have to wait until early next year, and you, you see how the design of the Lumia 850?

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