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Many strange devices running Windows 10 Mobile has been recognized

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Windows Phone smartphone market is still hot off the Lumia 950 and about 950 XL. But coming here, there will be more devices running this OS 'first showed up.'

I just 'accidentally' last page read statistical reports situation Adduplex ad network in December, this is a network monitor monthly ads on devices running Windows Phone. But the part that I have noted in this report is the devices 'strange' that they recorded.

First, they have discovered a Lumia device code is RM-1160 / RM-1162. Most likely this device is the Lumia 750 with 5.4-inch screen size, resolution of 768p.
The next factor is hidden LG V496, it has 8-inch screen and runs Windows 10 Mobile, this will almost certainly be a tablet. He finally HP Falcon but it just strange how little had been discovered not long ago.

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Falcon had been predicted to be a 'blockbuster' because it was recorded 820 equipped with Snapdragon chip, 5.8-inch screen, but this time 2K, Adduplex said it only equipped with 5.4 inch screen, a resolution of 768p. It seems this is a product that we 'consuming ink' to clarify the configuration in the future.
When will these devices will be released? Probably early next year and I will try to update the latest information about them.

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