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There is nothing special in smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile from Japan?

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Highlight the most prominent in this smartphone is allowing users to customize impartial part shell back cover with two different cover colors, help change the face of the upper half and lower half machine. Resistance customers play and humor the same way that Motorola is implementing on their devices.

Microsoft has launched the first smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile last week called the Lumia 950, but a third party seems not very enthusiastic hand to support this new operating system, and its hardware including there is nothing called outstanding.

Advance guard story involving family Lumia aside after going clear back, invite you to visit the land of the rising sun - Japan to admire the beauty and uniqueness of smartphones from a nameless company age, with the name NuAns Neo. And of course the machine is running Windows 10 Mobile should not be lacking exclusive Continuum features of this platform.
No running thin chemical trend for smartphones, Neo NuAns choose a different approach with the user; thick (11.3mm) but beautiful and fits in the palm of your hand, bring comfort to the user as possible - this is exactly what the new Neo NuAns towards. By the NuAns, smartphone too thin will make you feel like not being sure and not tight in the grip palm. Just simple, stylish and fit the user's personality.

Not only unique design, NuAns also allows users to customize Neo with many different options, including; part two shell back cover with a cover (TWOTONE) other colors help you change the look of the upper half and lower half machine. The shells are colorful cover for users to choose and also have many options like wood material or synthetic leather. In addition, there was a cover FLIP multicolor, multi material you choose to buy. Some shells are pre-equipped with machines when sold but also sample sold separately at 1,400 JPY / 260,000 VND near (TWOTONE), or 2,970 yen / near 550,000 VND (FLIP - with 8 different versions and may contain an IC card or NFC).
Why the Windows 10 Mobile? The design philosophy of NuAns come from simplicity and efficiency. Meanwhile, Apple's iOS has been exclusive to the iPhone and iPad for so long, but Android is not genuine appreciation. Therefore, Windows 10 Mobile is the perfect choice - because it can help users handle office work better, higher security, as well as the overlap that exists between PCs and smartphones . But the most special thing from Continuum - with this feature, you can use to control NuAns Neo TV or PC remotely. And yet, Continuum also allows automatic application compatible with different screen sizes. On the big screen it will look like a PC running Windows, even on the small screen, it will still be a mobile app.
IC card (IC Card): The card uses a wavelength close to the combinatorial circuit chip card or cards around. Banking industry has specific provisions on the type of the card, and is widely used in Japan.
NuAns configuration parameters of Neo:

Display: 5-inch (1280 × 720 pixels, 295ppi), coated with anti-fingerprint flo
Microprocessor: 8-core Snapdragon 617 (MSM8952) clocked at 1.5 GHz
ROM: 16GB (supports microSD 128GB)
Operating System: Windows 10 Mobile
SIM Card: Micro-SIM, bundled Nano-SIM tray restore a Micro-SIM
Bands: 2G, 3G and 4G LTE 4 shall
Wireless LAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
Camera follows: 13MP, aperture F / 2.0 autofocus lens, 28mm wide-angle, LED Flash
Previous Camera: 5MP, aperture F / 2.4, auto-focus, wide-angle 24mm lens
1 speaker, 2 microphone
Sensors: 3-dimensional acceleration sensor, 3-axis gyroscope, three-axis geomagnetic sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor ambient sensor Hall
Connectors: USB Type-C (USB 2.0 OTG, Quick Charge 2.0), 4-pole headphone jack (CTIA)
Battery: 3350 mAh (continuous talk time of 960 minutes or more, standby time of 400 hours or more)
Dimensions: 141 × 74.2 × 11.3mm
Weight: 150g
Show users in Japan were able to pre-order for 39,800 yen NuAns Neo (about 7.3 million), and the machine will be delivered on March 1/2016. In the immediate future is like, because next month is likely to international users can order through the website Neo
Some actual photos of NuAns Neo:

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